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Mohan has an incredible portfolio. She is a celebrity hair stylist who has worked with everyone from Tia Mowry, Angela Robinson, Logan Laurice, Angie Martinez, Angela Rye, just to name a few. She has done work with Cosmopolitan magazine, Essence magazine, Afropolitan, Coveteur, and campaigns such for Shea moisture, and Dove natural haircare line. She is glad  to introduce her newest natural haircare line named NAHOM which means “God comforts” and also her name backwards. Check out the video below on the details of NAHOM was birthed.

 Mohan has also started a wedding hair agency due to the influx of increase in her wedding inquiries . Her love for weddings that allowed her to be able to train other stylist that has mastered the art of bridal hair and services to cater to their brides needs. 

Recently Mohan has expounded more on exercising  her gifts in motivational speaking to encourage people of all ages to bring hope to those the youth that may be searching for purpose to the entrepreneur who is seeking wisdom and guidance to enter into their next level in their business and life..

 With the rebranding of her salon from Modimel to NAHOM , Gods has given her a fresh vision and greater purpose  to help others live better lives through what we eat , to what we use on our body. When you listen to what your body needs your body will thank you for it. Your body is a temple. Self love is the best love and through Nahom products and the salon , is a way of telling your body you care. 

From the expert color and cut stylist, to hair stylist, to product creator , teacher, and motivational speaker , Mohan’s desire is to use these gifts to improve and bring joy to the lives of the people she serves  . To her, there is no greater joy than to bring life and smile to others.


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Founder and CEO of Modimel Studios, Mohan Jean Mary, did not know that her high school AOL username would serve as the name for her business. Modimel, a clever combination of the first two letters of her and her younger siblings’ name, is a representation of their bond as sisters as well as their collective talents in hair, makeup, and fashion. Modimel Studios started in 2011 as a one stop shop for all things beauty.


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At Modimel our staple service is providing hair care for women and men with diverse hair textures. We believe in helping the client shape a vision of their best self through hair, fashion and makeup. Our philosophy is healthy hair, healthy body, and healthy mind.

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  • Rachel
    Rachel Hairstylist

    Rachel believes in listening, consulting, and respecting her clients’ unique needs. She takes the time and the care to personally educate you about how to style your hair. She goes the extra mile by recommending professional hair care products you need to create a salon look right at home. Keeping up to date with the latest styles, products, and technologies, Rachel believes in creating awareness in every client she has the pleasure of meeting.

  • Melissa Jean-Mary
    Melissa Jean-Mary Fashion Stylist

    Melissa’s versatility and talent for merging edgy with classic chic keeps her in high demand, helping her clients express their personal style is the constant fuel for her personal inspiration. Pushing boundaries for the sake of self-expression, she strive for each of her projects to reflect her passion and dedication to her clients.

  • Make Up
    Make Up Makeup Artist

    We partner with talented makeup artists that are highly skilled at what they do. Their resumes range from working with our everyday clients to runway-ready models. We will be glad to connect you to our partner makeup artists that can cater to your needs.


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Modimel Studios is a salon that focuses on all aspects of the beauty industry. We specialize in haircare, makeup, and wardrobe styling. We are here to make you the best you.