What does it mean to be healed ?

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The journey of inner healing can be different for everyone. After experiencing some things, I had to do some deep soul searching that would make a girl want to change her entire life around. From what I ate to what I used on my body. I had to be intentional about this change that my soul yearned to see. Our body truly speaks to us and tells us what it like and what it does not like.


When your body is speaking to you, it will respond in so many ways. Our body is always trying to protect us and as a result, we may experience pain when we eat something we shouldn’t be eating, or our heart may clench when it’s making us aware of something, or the churning in your stomach that tells us “somethings not right, be careful”.

For a long time I thought it was ok to eat peanuts and have a clogged nostril and throat or even experiencing excessive bloating after eating anything with wheat, kale, broccoli, and some dairy products. Even eating certain meats made me feel funny,  but I always ignored the signs because we often think “it’s not that big of a deal”. To add to the issue, I even stopped exercising for a while, which was a major part of something that added joy to my life.

Everything became about work and my life was out of balance. I had no time for friends or family. Even God didn’t get the same attention I use to give Him. My body started to suffer and said that it was time for a change. It’s time for some self-care. It’s time to love yourself again and out you first. You cannot put the mask on others until you are able to breathe first. Some of you might need a therapist to talk to. I know I needed one and boy did God use her to get me back on track.


She taught me that the best way to have balance in your finances, social life, relationships, faith, cooking, working out you have to give them all some major attention and set goals for your self. What area needs the most work? What would you like to put more of your attention on? I noticed how my cooking life was actually non existent for years as well as a social life. Even engaging in physical activities such as modern dancing became a gift that was dormant in my life. My joy left me quickly because all the things that made me who I am, I was no longer using. Once  identified the issue I started to work in every area to get to finally get to a place of having a balanced life! I enjoyed work more, developed a fresh love for cooking and began spending time with close friends and family on another level . Being at peace with all men and in every area of my life was the goal I desired to achieve.

They say that the proof is in the pudding and the results were amazing. I decided to be intentional with every area of my life that brought fulfillment and there is no greater joy than having a balanced life. I’ve learned to pursue it. What makes me happy and brings me joy!

What areas are you wanting to see more balance in?

Let’s examine our lives and find out how we can get to our best selves. What area are we lacking in? Time with God? Time with Family? More at home cooking?

Financial management ?

It’s time to focus on you! Get your mojo back! Balance baby!

You owe it to yourself. Now you can pour into others lives from a healed, whole place.

-Mohan Jean-Mary

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